Rice recipes are always a sure thing...

...at least they were in my Mom's kitchen growing up. Italian rice recipes might call for mushrooms or broccoli, rice in chicken soup, arancini made of rice...we ate it all!

Have some lentils or a stew brewing, throw in some rice and you've got a meal!

When I was contemplating where to put my recipes for rice dishes, it crossed my mind to just add them to the pasta section of this site and be done with it.

Then I realized they were too great to bury away with the pasta, and so this rice and polenta page was born!

Rice Recipes


Of course one of the most popular and delicious dishes made with rice is risotto, a one-pot-wonder kind of dish.

This four cheese risotto is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone!

Rice is filling, it is easy to cook, and it goes with just about everything so - you can't go wrong.

One of my favorite rice-based recipes is arancini, or deep fried rice balls. (Recipe coming soon.)

The Sicilian version has a delicious meat and cheese filling, while the Roman version (called Suppli) only contains the cheese. Both are equally delicious!

(More recipes further down the page.)

Polenta Recipes

Another subject that I wanted to explore here are polenta recipes.

Originating as a food for the poor (it is really just a type of corn meal), it has become a hot and classy menu item at many restaurants I've recently visited.

Polenta is also one of those versatile ingredients you can do just about anything with. And like risotto, it can also be a meal cooked in just one vessel.

Try polenta fried or even baked. You can make it into a loaf or roll it out flat and cut out circles to crisp and use as a palate for almost any topping or dip.

More Italian Rice & Polenta Recipes

Basic Polenta - After you learn to make a basic polenta, you can make so many more things from there!

Four-Cheese Risotto - If you love formaggio you'll love this risotto recipe!

Mushroom Risotto Recipe - The shining star of this dish are funghi or mushrooms, any type you like will do.

Risotto with Perch Fillets - A classic recipe native to the Lake Como region of Italy.

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