Beautiful and printable Italian recipe cards!

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Do you find yourself coming back to this site repeatedly to look up your favorite recipe? Need a great gift for an Italian food lover that you know?

recipes per card

Italian Cooking Recipe Cards

I have created a set of 24 beautifully designed and easy to read printable Italian cooking recipe cards that you can download right here on my site!

You get twelve pages of 4x6 recipe cards for some of the most popular recipes on Tasty Italian Cooking.

Here is the first card in the set, and the standard for what each card looks like:

recipes per card

Click here to download and print your first 4x6 recipe card!

Print this elegant set of recipe cards as many times as you want! Once you download the file, it's yours to keep. Make a set for yourself, your neighbor or your best friend - everyone appreciates a delicious recipe that they can enjoy again and again.

My recipe cards are a standard 4x6 size and will fit into standard recipe boxes and binders.

Some ways to use your printable Italian Cooking recipe cards:

  • Fill a cute little binder with these tasty dishes and give as a gift for a bride-to-be, bachelor, college student, grandmother or new parents.
  • Create an Italian gift basket filled with olive oil, pasta and other Mediterranean ingredients and bundle the recipe cards together and tie with a red satin bow, then tuck them among the goodies.
  • Choose a great bottle of wine, tie a complimenting recipe card to it with ribbon and you've got a terrific thank you or housewarming gift for a friend.
  • Host a classic Italian meal and print each course's recipe card for guests to take home so that they can recreate those yummy dishes at home!

The possibilities are endless!

Some of the delicious recipes included in the set are:

  • Italian meat dishes such as Chicken Parmesan, Classic Italian Meatballs and Chicken Marsala.
  • Recipes for Quick and Easy Pizza Dough, Potato Pizza and Classic Cheese Pizza.
  • Italian appetizer recipes like Bruschetta, Caprese Salad

    ...and much more!

Each recipe card features:

  • Large recipe title
  • Category of the dish in the top corner for easy filing
  • Colorful photograph of the final product for reference
  • Organized list of ingredients, great for meal planning, grocery shopping or menu preparation
  • Clear, large printed preparation instructions
  • Tips from me for each recipe (including some ways to change up the recipe to make it brand new - this is like getting multiple recipes per 4x6 card!)
recipes per card

This beautiful set of printable Italian Cooking recipe cards was created by myself and is only available here at this site!

If you'd like to download the Tasty Italian Cooking printable recipe cards, your timing couldn't be better! They're FREE for a limited time!

Click here to download the Tasty Italian recipe card PDF file.

Please come back to see all the updates always happening here at Tasty Italian Cooking! Grazie!

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