Tasty pizza recipes at your fingertips!

These Pizza recipes start with very simple ingredients and always end with a fantastic and tasty result!

You can make one quick one with your favorite toppings, or take a little more time and make a few with different additions when you have a bigger crowd.

Why not get the whole crowd into the kitchen and make it a pizza event!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a hot and delicious pizza in your very own oven.

Sure, brick-fired pizzas always taste yummy, but you can get the very same taste in your gas or electric model!

Making your own pizza dough is something you may have considered in the past.

It IS possible, to make your dough at home, though it sometimes requires practice to get it exactly right.

If you've got ten minutes you can make your own dough at home!

A slice of pizza

But if all else fails, my recommendation is to search your local grocery story for (unbaked) pizza dough that you can purchase.

If your supermarket doesn't carry this item, ask your favorite pizzeria if you can buy some of theirs! Some places offer this on their menu, others simply need to be asked.

Either way, grab a few at a time and easily freeze the extras for months! The most basic and popular Italian pizza is the Margherita, or as we know it - plain and simple cheese pizza!

Another favorite is the stuffed calzone or go back to the basics with a flat bread based on the simple pizza dough recipe - a classic focaccia!

Tomato sauce not your style?

Perhaps you just don't have any around or the time to make it...I don't know how many times I've whipped up a pizza with no sauce at all! Sound good? How about an easy and delicious white pizza recipe? Really, it's a blank canvas for whatever flavors you prefer on your pizza creations.

Italian Pizza Recipes

Pizza Dough

Quick Pizza Dough Recipe - This dough recipe will take you less than 10 minutes to make and is virtually fool-proof!

knead dough

Pizza Dough from scratch - A slightly more complex recipe which requires leaving some time to let the dough rise.

cheese pizza

Simple Cheese Pizza - Also known as la Margherita, everyone will be please with this pizza pie.

potato pizza

Perfect Potato Pizza - My personal favorite. Try it as is or sprinkle some crispy pancetta or bacon on top for a burst of salty goodness.

Stuffed Calzone

Stuffed Calzone - The concept here is the same as a pizza, except it's wrapped up on itself and generally is stuffed with a ricotta cheese mixture. Yum!


Basic Foccacia - A flat bread-like dish, this foccacia can be changed up with anything from olives to onions to suit each individuals taste.

Veggie Pizza

Veggie Pizza - This recipe is a veggie pizza suggestion only - change it up and use whatever kind of vegetables you like or happen to have in the fridge.

white pizza

White Pizza - Not in the mood for sauce? Maybe you just don't have any on hand. No problem! This garlic white pizza is great plain or topped with whatever YOU like on your pizza creations.

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