Easy Pasta Recipes for every palate! Yum!

Pasta, pasta, pasta! If I am an expert on anything, it is surely pasta recipes!

Easy pasta dishes range from a basic Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, to a luscious three-cheese layered lasagna!

Pasta can either be store-bought or prepared from scratch.

Most of us are familiar with the boxed variety and will probably never stray from that method.

Dried pasta is actually easier to acquire, store and a guaranteed result.

However, some of you may be a little curious about making your own pasta, which is why I have included a recipe for fresh pasta here!

fresh pasta

If you don't feel confident enough to create your own pasta from scratch, don't worry!

Making pasta dishes with ready-made pasta can be just as gratifying.

Pasta itself is only one component of most pasta recipes, and due to its simplicity, creates a great blank canvas to paint on with many different ingredients.

Of course one of these main ingredients is often the tomato. Fruit or vegetable, in this case it doesn't matter – because to the Italians it might as well have a category of it's own!

Creating a simple delicious tomato sauce is the basis for a great Italian pasta dish

...and it's so easy you'll be sure to question yourself when you reach for a jar of the processed stuff the next time you're at the grocery store.

In fact, no one in my family has EVER (and I am not exaggerating) purchased a single jar of Ragu (or any other brand of pasta sauce, for that matter).

So get ready to get cooking, because whether you're a manicotti Mamma or a pesto lovin' Papa have I got some tasty and easy pasta recipes for you!

Italian Pasta Recipes


Artichoke Pasta - Artichokes are a favorite amongst Italian chefs. This pasta dish really shows them off.

Spaghetti with sauce

Basic Spaghetti Sauce - Every Italian must know how to make a basic tomato sauce. This recipe can be made in bulk and frozen to create a ton of other dishes!

Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti Recipe - Gooey and delicious, this baked ziti recipe is great for large family gatherings!


Bucatini alla Carbonara - My favorite Roman recipe, use pancetta and bucatini for the most authentic taste.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo - Alfredo sauce is one of those things that just tastes good, no matter what you put it on. Try it on some fettucine or whatever type of pasta you like!


Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Mushrooms - A step further, this fettuccine alfredo recipe features moist chunks of chicken and teaches you how to sautee mushrooms like a pro!


Garlic and Oil Spaghetti - A very basic recipe, no fuss but lots of flavor!

Garlic shrimp pasta

Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe - If you love shrimp you'll love this recipe. Substitute grilled chicken or scallops for a twist on the original.


Gnocchi Recipe - Small homemade potato "dumpling" pasta that compliments almost any sauce you wish to ladle over it!


Manicotti Recipe - Mmmm...manicotti. Warm and gooey and easy to prepare ahead of time. Perfect for holiday gatherings.


Meat Lasagna Recipe - Lasagna is perfect for a cold winter night, but I like to eat it year round. This is a meaty version that's sure to please any crowd.

Penne with sauce

Penne Arrabbiata - Arrabbiata translates as "angry" in Italian, so if you're looking for something spicy, this is your best bet!

Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera - Primavera means spring. Choose fresh, in-season veggies and you just can't go wrong.


Pesto Sauce - Originating in Northern Italy, pesto is perfect for pasta...or be a little creative and top a pizza with it instead.


Spaghetti with Zucchini and Ricotta - Another vegetable based dish, this easy Italian recipe features zucchini and a salty ricotta cheese.


Three-Cheese Lasagna - Love cheese? This lasagna features three different kinds. Make, melt and mmmangia!

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