Italian Wine Gift Basket Ideas

An Italian wine gift basket is an easy, thoughtful and unique gift idea. They are also very versatile, since you can choose the type of wine and additional items that will go into the basket.

If you have time, find out what the person you are giving to might like.

Do they tend to like hearty and bold flavored wines?

Start with a fine Italian red wine like a bottle or two of a Brunello or Barbera wine.

Do they prefer something lighter or more sweet? A Pinot Grigio would likely be right up their alley.

italian wine gift basket

Make an Italian Wine Gift Basket

Here are some tips when putting together your own Italian wine gift basket:

  • Do some research. Find out the variety of wine your friend might like. If you aren't sure you can opt to choose a white and a red or go with a sparkling wine that would be perfect for any celebration, such as Prosecco or Asti champagne.

  • Start with an empty basket. Choose some sort of filling to make it look prettier. You can achieve this by using a piece of elegant fabric, cloth napkin, shredded colorful paper, tulle or colored cellophane.
  • Decide the theme of your basket. Will you fill it with only wine related items? If so, you might go with a good corkscrew, some wine tumblers might be nice, too. You might also want to include a pourer and stopper set to go with it. Or what about a book that shows them just how to savor their new gift, such as Jancis Robinson's How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine.

  • If you want to go with an Italian themed basket, in addition to the wine you could include a cheese sampler or some delicious Italian chocolates.
  • Another good idea is to include all of the dry ingredients to create a nice Italian meal. Add packaged pasta, herbs, a hard cheese like pecorino romano and olive oil along with a recipe for a delicious Italian dish...choose from the many pasta recipes on this site!

  • After you have all of your items together, arrange them in the basket in the most pleasing way. If you like you can add some embellishment to each item by tying ribbons or bows on them.
  • Leave the basket open or wrap the entire thing in cellophane shrink wrap, then tie with more ribbon above the handle.
  • Add a gift note and you're done!

There is nothing more special than a hand selected gift, and whomever receives this Italian wine gift basket is sure to love it - heck they might be so happy they'll even share! Saluti!

Premade Italian Gift Baskets:

Sometimes you don't have time to search for the perfect Italian gift basket... here are a few select baskets that would pair swimmingly with a nice bottle of wine for your special gift recipient. Enjoy!

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