Authentic Italian Soup Recipes

Some commonly recognized Italian soup recipes are minestrone, pasta fagioli, or the always famous and delicious: Italian Wedding Soup.

Italians take pride in fresh produce, and most families still make their soups from scratch...

- whereas a lot of American families may turn to canned chicken stock or just plain canned soup!

Although there is movement away from this with the current Paleo and whole foods trends.

A lot of these soups have come to the U.S. in canned form, but don't be surprised if the following recipes look nothing like your typical bowl of Campbell's!

Italian soup is always made with fresh ingredients

One of the main things that is important when creating these classic Italian dishes, is to use the freshest ingredients possible.

Onions, spinach, zucchini, potatoes, and carrots as well as pasta and lentils, but you can change it up and use most any white root vegetable.  (I prefer parsnips and turnips over potatoes.)

I recommend finding locally raised meats and produce, organic where possible, so you aren't getting so many nasty chemicals in your food.

For my family, I try to find grass fed beef and free range chicken and eggs from local farms and farmer's markets.

If that's not convenient for you, it's possible to find them at your nearest Earth Fare or Whole Foods stores, too.

It really does make a difference to your health to avoid processed foods and anti-biotic filled meats. (I've recently discovered that I feel much healthier if I avoid nightshade foods that are so common in our foods these days, but that's another story.)

Favorite Italian Recipes for Soup

A bowl of Italian soup

Chicken Soup - A classic dish that brings back fond childhood memories.

Lentil Soup - A vegetarian favorite. Mix it up by using your choice of pastina or rice.

Minestrone - Although it's hot out, summertime begs for minestrone to be made, because most vegetables are at their peak!

Pasta Fagioli - Pasta and beans, sounds boring but it's NOT! Try it for yourself and see.

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