Want to learn more about Italian drinks?

Italian drinks range from an espresso to an aperitivo, and here's where you can learn all about the many diverse types.

This is another topic where you'll see Italian words and phrases that you already know, but you're sure to learn a few new ones, too.

There are many beverage choices amongst Italians, depending on the time day and the occasion, as with any culture.

As most food is generally accompanied by a beverage, it is important to discuss the diversity of drinks in the Italian culture.

You'll be surprised how many types there are, and how many of those are consumed by people not just in Italy - but the world over.

Italian Drinks: Coffee-based

Italian coffee drink

Of course there are the typical coffee drinks. Italians always start and end their days with espresso.

In the morning it may be in the form of a cappuccino, which is just an espresso topped with steamed milk and foam, or latte macchiato - a drink of warm milk with just a splash of coffee.

Morning might also be a great time for a succo di frutta or fruit juice.

Italian fruit juice is often much denser than our varieties, and is more like a nectar of the fruit in question - therefore it tastes like biting into the fruit itself!

Also more popular in Italy than the US, orange juice made from the arrancia rossa or blood orange. Pink and perfect as a breakfast treat!

Italian Liqueurs

italian drinks, grappa

Besides these every day types of Italian drinks, there are also the well recognized Italian liqueurs such as amaretto and frangelico.

Another Italian liqueur that is quickly gaining popularity here in the States is limoncello a strong lemon-flavored after-dinner digestivo.

Other types of widely known alcohols include grappa, martini vermouth and sambuca.

Some of these liquers are used in a variety of Italian cocktails.

Make drinks for your next soirée like this Bellini recipe.

Let's not forget the Vino!

Very important to Italian cuisine and culture, wine ranges from sweet or dry to bubbly, learn more about the best Italian wines here.

Some popular Italian brands of wine include lambrusco, sangiovese, muscato, marsala and spumanti.

Everyday Italian Beverages

Apart from coffee and alcoholic beverages, common everyday choices are iced tea often flavored al limone (lemon) or alla pescha (peach) and lemonade.

Italians are also often found drinking cola, aranciata, or soda made from a bitter relative of the orange, called chinotto.

And of course, above all, Italians drink water by the bucket.

Frizzante or gassata, both mean with bubbles and is one choice, while naturale is the gas-free version. Aqua minerale is also a popular alternative at dinnertime.

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