101 Reasons Why Cooking Italian Food ROCKS!

Ever wonder why cooking Italian food is so awesome? Well, neither have I - hehe. But just in case you need to prove to someone that it IS - here's a list of 101 reasons!

I know you don't really need a reason to love cooking Italian!

And you especially don't need reasons to love eating it -

Italian food is the essence of comfort food, right?

But just for fun, here are the reasons...

Cooking Italian Food 101 Reasons

  1. It's delicious!
  2. It uses really simple ingredients.
  3. Pretty much everyone loves it - therefore pretty much everyone will love you for it!
  4. If you've got tomatoes, cheese and bread, you've got yourself a meal.
  5. It's famous around the world.
  6. Pizza, anyone?
Flag of Italy
  1. The main dishes are made with the cheapest ingredients.

  1. You don't have to be a master chef to master Italian cooking.

  1. You get to say things like "al dente!" and "mangia!"

  1. What other food can be so satisfying while only requiring a pot of boiling water and a little bit of salt?

  1. The way to a man's heart? Italian food to his stomach!

  1. It's centuries old - so you're basically a Roman god if you do it.

  1. It's the basis of fancy restaurant menus the world over.

  1. Tiramisu. Enough said.

  1. There's no fuss with tons of herbs and spices. Just your favorites!

  1. It smells so good.

  1. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

  1. "Good fat" is no longer an oxymoron - it translates to "Olive Oil"

  1. The Italians advocate chocolate for breakfast - it's called Nutella

  1. It can be really, really, really fast to whip up.

  1. It can be made in large quantities (think baked ziti, trays of meatballs, and sausage with peppers galore), which is great for party hosting.

  1. It's no-frills-no-fuss cooking, plop your sauce on a mound of pasta and you're done.

  1. Preparing Italian food usually leads to drinking Italian wine - no complaints here!

  1. Mario Batali. Giada DiLaurentis. Emeril. These Italian people are famous for a reason.

  1. It's easy to recreate dishes you ate while traveling to Italy - ahhh, memories!

So, let's eat some!